DAO NO.10-08 s2010
  Further amending the revised implementing rules and regulations of Act No. 3883, as amended, otherwise known as the Business Name Law.

Sales Promotion

Issuing sales promotion permits is one of the services that DTI-NCR handles, in coordination with the Bureau of Trade Regulation and Consumer Protection. The regional office evaluates and processes nationwide sales promotion (can also be referred as "sales promo") applications in Metro Manila. It also assures the fairness, truthfulness and transparency of the declaration of winners, depending on the form of the "sales promo" by acting as witness to the procedures in determining the recipient of a particular prize.

Sales Promotion is a technique intended by an agency for broad consumer participation with the following characteristics:

  • intends to increase the sales, patronage, and/or goodwill of a product;
  • offers rewards for the purchase of the product, security, service, or winning a contest, game, and other similar competitions;
  • involves determination of winner/s;
  • utilizes mass media and other widespread means of information.

Sales Promo Processing Flow Chart