DAO NO.10-08 s2010
  Further amending the revised implementing rules and regulations of Act No. 3883, as amended, otherwise known as the Business Name Law.

Business Licensing

The government, through the Department of Trade and Industry makes sure that even professional services and practices are well regulated. Issuing licenses and permits not only to establishments but professions as well protects the interests of consumers and clients.

Regulation of issuing licenses and permits maintain the quality standards of business practices. DTI-NCR handles the processing of the application. It sees to it that authenticate requirements are submitted, in accordance to the type of license or permit applied for. Having legal steps in acquiring business licenses guarantees consumers of legitimate and valid transactions.

How to apply for a Merchandise and Shipbroker's License


New Application

1. Filled-up application form
2. Clearance from Police, Fiscal and Clerk of Court (CFI) of NBI
3. Surety bond of P 2,000 (original copy)
4. Articles of Incorporation approved by SEC and Board Resolution authorizing the person to act for and in behalf of the corporation as merchandise broker or shipbroker
5. Proof of citizenship (photocopy of ACR front and back)
6. Board of Investments (BOI) report

Renewal Application

• Filled-up application form

License Fee:

* Merchandise/Ship broker P 350.00
* Sub-agents P 350.00
* Ship-agents P 350.00

Note: Surcharge for late renewal if not renewed within the 30 days grace period, a surcharge of 10% for every month but not exceeding 50%.

How to secure a General Bonded Warehouse License


New Application

1. Filled-up application form
2. Sketch showing the location plan and the size and dimensions of, and the materials used in the construction of the warehouse intended to be used for business.
3. Certified true and correct copy of Financial Statements showing assets and liabilities duly certified by a Certified Public Accountant.
4. If applicant is a corporation, partnership or association, copy of the Articles of Incorporation, Partnership or Association, as the case maybe, as approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), together with a copy of the authority of the president or manager or any officer to sign and file the application.
5. If Partnership / Corporation is not wholly owned by Filipino citizens, wherein foreign equity exceeds 40% of the investment, a copy of SEC certificate of authority to engage in the business as required under Republic Act No. 7042.
6. If applicant is an alien, a copy of Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) together with his latest photograph and DTI certificate of authority to engage in the business.
7. A cash bond or a bond secured by a real estate mortgage or a bond signed by a duly authorized bonding company made out in favor of the Bureau of Trade & Regulation and Consumer Protection (BTRCP) in the amount equivalent to not less than 33 1/3 percent of the current market value of the maximum quantity of commodities to be kept for storage or milling on any one day.
8. Fire insurance policy duly endorsed in favor of the BTRCP covering the actual current market value of the commodity or commodities received for storage
9. Proof of premium payments on surety bonds and fire insurance policy
10. Two (2) final copies of warehouse receipts before it will be printed as required under Section 50 of Commerce Administrative Order No. 11-1-C, Series of 1948.
11. If applicant is leasing a warehouse, a certified true and correct copy of the current and existing contract of lease

Renewal Application

• Number 1, 2, 6, 7, 8 of the above mentioned requirements

License Fees:

Original / Renewal Application

• P 100.00 for the first 1,000 square meters of protected enclosure or cubic meters of storage space or any fraction of such enclosure or space and .05 centavos for each additional square meter or cubic meter

Surcharge for late renewal

• 10% of the license fee is renewed within 30 days after expiration date; 20% if within 60 days; 30% if within 90 days; 40% if within 150 days; 50% if within 180 days; 100% if after 180 days.

How to secure a license engaged in the Fire Extinguisher business

(Pursuant to Rule 37, PD 1185 and DTAO No. 2, Series of 1979 dated March 1, 1979 as importer, manufacturer, seller, rendering service for fire extinguishers, supplies and equipment)

A. Requirements

• Filled-up application form
• For Importer, Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Retailer or Service Firm:

* Certificate of fire safety inspection issued by the Chief, Fire Department / Unit of the city or municipality where the principal place of business is located
* If applicant is an alien, a copy of his alien certificate of registration as well as authority to engage in said business from the Board of Investments
* If applicant is a partnership, corporation or association, copy of Articles of Partnership or Incorporation and, if it is not wholly owned by Filipino citiens, its authority to engage in said business from the Board of Investments.
* In case of a manufacturer or service firm, a certification from the Bureau of Product Standards that the fire extinguisher supplies and equipment manufactured by the applicant are in accordance with the standards set or determined by said agency, or the service firm has the facility and capacity to service fire extinguisher.

• For Salesman or Technician

*Certification from the local Fire Chief that the applicant or technician is trained and possesses a working knowledge on principles of fire fighting as well as the type, capabilities, operation and maintenance of fire extinguisher, in case of a salesman. In case of a technician, in addition to the knowledge of a salesman, he must possess a working knowledge of hydrostatic testing and rating procedures as well as the various chemicals and formulations of extinguishing agent and their properties and when and how to destroy any fire extinguisher.
• For applicant using business name, submit proof of its business name registration under Act No. 3883, as amended (Business Name Law).
• If applicant's name is suggestive of alien nationality, submit proof of citizenship.

C. License Fees

• Schedule of license fee

* Importer - P 5,000.00
* Manufacturer - P 3,000.00
* Wholesaler - P 1,500.00
* Retailer or Service Firm - P 150.00
* Salesman or technician - P 100.00
*In the event that applicant is engaged in two or more of the activities mentioned above, he shall pay the license fee for the highest schedule plus 50% of next lower schedule of his activity.

• Surcharge for late renewal

*50% of the amount of license fee is filed after the 60 days grace period

Where to file for business license?

Department of Trade and Industry - National Capital Region
12F Trafalgar Plaza, 105 H.V. Dela Costa Street,
Salcedo Village, Makati City